Hooked up


Hooked up (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /hooked-up/

Also spelled or known as:

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What does Hooked up mean?

1. To have kissed, made out or had sexual intercourse.

Hooked up Synonyms: Piped, Smashed, Hit, Fucked

2. To be connected to someone or something.

Hooked up Synonyms: Plugged

Example sentence: “I hooked up with the cute bartender after her shift.

Hooked up in songs:

“Here I am, my love, just like when we first hooked up” – EL-P, Love Again (Akinyele Back)

“Funner than summer, I hooked up with Summer” – Lil Dicky, Would You Believe That.

“And, girl, when we hooked up you said you gonride or die” – Kodak Black, Me for Me.

Hooked up with this bitch I met on Twitter” – Juice WRLD, In a Minute.

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