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Hold down the fort

Hold down the fort (phrase)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /hold-down-the-fort/

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What does Hold down the fort mean?

1. To take care of and watch over your home or area while someone is gone.

2. To represent where you’re from.

Hold down the fort Synonyms: Hold it down, Hold the fort down

Example sentence: “I’ll be back next week, please hold down the fort.”

Hold down the fort in songs:

Hold down the fort now wit a fo’ pound Blow down ya whole town first go round” – Rock, I Ain’t Havin’ That.

So I re-educate, unlearn what Was taught, hold down the fort” – Jeru the Damaja, The Frustrated Nigga.

“I extort to support my peeps And hold down the fort, never get caught, ’cause I creeps, nigga” – DMX, Get It on the Floor.

“I hold down the fort, and transport slugs to ya body On the squeeze I’m never tardy” – E-Devious, The War’s On.

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Hold down the fort
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Hold down the fort

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