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Hold the fort down

Hold the fort down (phrase)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /hold-the-fort-down/

Related: Hold down the fort

What does Hold the fort down mean?

1. To take care of and watch over your home or area while someone is gone.

2. To represent where you’re from.

Hold the fort down Synonyms: Hold it down, Hold down the fort

Example sentence: “Will you hold the fort down while i’m gone?”

Hold the fort down in songs:

“If so, then hold the fort down, represent to the fullest Say what’s up to Herb, Ice and Bullet” – Nas, One Love.

“The devil’s on some slick shit ready to hose us down But I maintain my focus and just hold the fort down” – Lil Dap, Up Against the Wall (Getaway Car Mix).

“I hold the fort down with Malik Symbolic to the bond of word that’s Islamic” – Black Thought, It Just Don’t Stop.

“I hold the fort down, nigga, now what? You could see it in the lives that my sound touched” – Havoc, Legendary.

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Hold the fort down
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Hold the fort down