Fed up

Fed up (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /fed-up/

Also spelled or known as: Fedup, Fed-up

What does Fed up mean?

1. To be annoyed or upset.

Fed up Synonyms: Pissed

2. To be tired.

Fed up Synonyms: Cooked, Stressed, Burnt, Burnt out

Example sentence: “I’ve tried and tried, now i’m fed up.”

Fed up in songs:

I’m very fed up, you actin’ like an ordinary heffa” – Hopsin, Ill Mind of Hopsin 8.

“I know you’re fed up, ladies, but keep ya head up” – 2Pac, Keep Ya Head Up.

“I can see in your eye that you fed up, fuck around, got my shot, I won’t let up” – Lil Baby, The Bigger Picture.

I’m fed up with bein’ humble And rumor is I’m hungry, I’m sure you heard rumblings” – Eminem, The Ringer.

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Fed up
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Fed up