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GT (slang)

Type: noun, acronym

Pronunciation: /G-T/

Also spelled or known as: G.T., G-T

Related: GTR

What does GT mean?

1. Grand tourer, Gran turismo, or Grand tourer; a type of car designed for high speed and long-distance driving.

2. GTV Vodka.

Example sentence: “I just bought a GT.”

GT in songs:

“Be me with a white bitch Waiting ’round the corner in a Mustang GT” – Jay Rock, Tity and Dolla.

Yeah, overseas, nigga, top floor, clear windows, nigga Glass house, drankin’ GT, you understand?” – Birdman, Constantly Hating.

“Pull off in that GT with some Seagram’s Ginger Ale Tell that bitch I’m Oprah, she couldn’t even be Gayle” – Nicki Minaj, She For Keeps.

“Mustang GT in the streets, smoking vegetables Trunk in the front, do it make me a elephant?” – Kevin Gates, Really Really.

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