Gritty (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /grit-e/

What does Gritty mean?

Dirty or harsh.

Example sentence: “That boom bap beat is mad gritty i like it.”

Gritty in songs:

“If they had blackjack, my shooters would still hit them North side of Philly where it’s real gritty” – Meek Mill, Use to Be.

“My goons so gritty, my goons is so with me” – Lil Wayne, Watch My Shoes.

“M.O.P. had me grimy and gritty Marilyn Manson, I dyed my hair blue and grew some titties” – Bizarre, When the Music Stops.

“That last album was heavy, That last album was gritty” – NF, Real.

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