Celery (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /cel-le-ree/

What does Celery mean?


Celery Synonyms: Blue cheese, Guineas, Cheese, Bread, Guala, Cheddar, Paper, Racks, Cake, Benji, Franklin, Dead Presidents

Example sentence: “I got the blue cheese and the celery. I’m loaded.”

Celery in songs:

“Known for stackin’ up celery, you niggas ain’t even a vet to me” – Offset, Rich Nigga Timeline.

Pocket full of celery, imagine what she tellin’ me” – Jeezy, Put On.”

“Looking for them vegetarians, I’m taking yo lettuce and celery” – Takeoff, Thank You God (Outro).

So now I’m smokin’ all my veggies and I’m countin’ all my celery” – tobi lou, Buff Baby.

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