Got got

Got got (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /got-got/

Also spelled or known as: Gotgot, Got-got

What does Got got mean?

To have been attacked, robbed, shot, or killed.

Got got Synonyms: Jumped, Hawked

Example sentence:Homie who was talking shit got got.”

Got got in songs:

“How many man got chased by we? And lil’ man Rose got got times 3″ – Trapboy BT, [A92] Plugged In Freestyle.

“I heard I got got by a opp, but I was at gaff, doin’ up Netflix” – V9, Charged Up.

“Still no losses, your friend got got It ain’t my fault, we’re just on job” – KayyKayy, Mad About Bars.

“When 2 got got by my G I know them man there were just burning” – Jojo, Stop Check.

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Got got
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Got got

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