Glo’d up

Glo’d up (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /glow’d-up/

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What does Glo’d up mean?

To live or look a lot better than before.

Glo’d Up Synonyms: Came up

Example sentence: “She didn’t want me till i glo’d up, now i curve her.”

Glo‘d up in songs:

Glo’d up off a gateway, man, you can’t afford me” – Drake, Preach.

“I glo’d up, it’s a whole new level for it” – JT, Season.

“True’d up, glo’d up, you know it, and poled up” – Chief Keef, W.W.Y.D..

Glo’d up, taking selfies, I’m so selfish” – Fredo Santana, Riot.

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Glo'd up
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Glo'd up