GDK (gang)

Type: noun, gang, acronym

Pronunciation: /g-d-k/

Also known as: GD, GDK

Similar: BDK

What does GDK mean and stand for?

Gangster Disciples Killer.

Similar to GDK: GD, Blood, Crip, Vice Lord

Territory: South Side of Chicago

Example sentence:GDK is heavy in Chicago.”

GDK in songs:

“You so GDK, now you a thug again?, You so BDK, now you a thug again?” – Lil Durk, B.O.N (Big Ol Nigga).

“First off bitch it’s EBK, GDK, Terror Town, slam the rakes” – G Herbo, Herbo (Intro).

“Big GDK and you know we do not joke” – Jay Gwuapo, Dangerous.

“And you know that’s one thing we don’t play cause we all GDK, if you Folk leave your brain split” – Jay Dee, Blixky Inna Box.

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