GD (gang)

Type: gang, acronym

Pronunciation: /g-d/

Also known as: GDK, BDK, BD

What does GD mean and stand for?

Gangster Disciples.

Similar to GD: GDK, BD, BDK, Blood, Crip, Vice Lord

Territory: Chicago

Example sentence: “Young Pappy was part of GD.”

GD in songs:

“VV’s in the Dweller, look like I hit that bitch in some water
BD, GD, Stone, whatever” – G Herbo, Bonjour.

“She ain’t wanna listen to a nigga CD, Big Blood, big Blood, shoutout GD” – YNW Melly, Bang Bang.

“My GD partners throwin’ up the pitchfork” 21 Savage, Baby Girl.

“I know some that’s solid, I know some niggas that’s GD” – Moneybagg Yo, Break Em.

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