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Fat pockets

Fat pockets (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /fat-pok-etts/

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What does Fat pockets mean?

Richness; to have a lot of money or riches.

Fat pockets Synonyms: Deep Pockets, Big bag, Cake

Example sentence: “Jeff Bezos has fat pockets.”

Fat pockets in songs:

“You tied to the track of my train of thoughts And controlling my thoughts is like taming sharks And these hoes wanna kick it with me, I’m a sensei And I got fat pockets, you niggas in shape” – Lil Wayne, Trigger Finger.

“Tryin to take these fat pockets, man your chances are slim Disrespect, you stomp em out, man give em a Tim” – 2 Chainz, GOOD Morning.

“I got older, I got wise I got fat pockets, but my jeans tight” – Playboi Carti, King Vamp.

Lil Tunechi, at the top it’s so lonely Got fat pockets, never bony” – Lil Wayne, Trap House.

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Fat pockets
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Fat pockets