Feening (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /feen-in/

Also spelled: Feenin’, Fiending, Fiendin’

Related: Fien, Feen

What does Feening mean?

To be addicted to or craving something. 

Feening Synonyms: Fiending

Example sentence:I’m feening some chicken over rice from Green Apple Deli.”

Feening in songs:

I’m the Queen I been feening for that motherfucking paper I be out in LA like a motherfucking Laker” – Tay Money, Circus.

“I know you tried to warn me but I just kept sleeping you, now you got me feening for you” – Ice Billion Berg, Since You Been Away.

“I hit it once then I’m leavin, she saw Fetty start feening, he hit it passed to Rah Swish, then woo walked out the crib” – Young Costamado, Wooo Walk.

I’m too high off the perc (Bitch) I’m feening off the earth” – Chief Keef, Alot Of Nerve.

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