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Feenin’ (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /feen-in/

Also spelled: Feening, Fiending, Fiendin’

Related: Fien, Feen

What does Feenin’ mean?

To be addicted to or craving something.

Feenin’ Synonyms: Fiendin’

Example sentence:I’m feenin’ some candy right now.”

Feenin’ in songs:

“Leo Dicaprio flow all up in that bitch scheminTryna’ get you to buy that album, tryna get you feenin’” – Logic, Juice.

“Only time I text a ho when I’m feenin for some cat But I could never let the pussy come between me and the trap” – Maxo Kream, Cell Boomin.

“Took a break, I let ‘еm live, look at all ’em eatin’ But these bitches gon’ be mad once I call this meetin’ ‘Cause they gotta move around once the queen is queenin’ ‘Bout to put out all this crack ’cause my fiends is feenin’, uh” – Nicki Minaj, Fractions.

“Honestly, I’ve been a mess, well Feenin’ ’cause you got the best” – G-Eazy, Some Kind of Drug.

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