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Fiending (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /feen-in/

Also spelled: Feening, Fiendin’

Related: Fien, Feen, Feening, Feenin’

What does Fiending mean?

To be addicted to or craving something. 

Fiending Synonyms: Feening

Example sentence: “I was fiending some welches.”

Fiending in songs:

“I woke up leaning, so I woke up dreaming (Dreaming) And fiending for more, for more, for more” – Jucie WRLD, I’ll Be Fine.

I’m counting, I’m dripping, I’m fiending I’m not from this planet, I was abandoned” – Future, 3500.

“They be beeping me and shit, but we don’t kick it no more Them hot hoes is fiending, they on the nuts” – Six2, Xxplosive.

“On the set and they like the nicotine to cigarette How they fiending for a nigga, got these hoes up on my sack” – A$AP Rocky, Bass.

I’m a real right nigga need a real right bitch Need them blue face hundreds, I’m fiending, I gotta sip” – Fenix Flexin.

“I’ve been dreaming, I’ve been scheming Went away a while but I’ve been fiending I’ve missed the fam, but they know the deal” – Logic, Till the End.

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