Feature (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /feet-chur/

Plural: Features

Related: Feat.

What does Feature mean?

A rapper or musician who appears on a song but is not the song’s main artist.

Feature Synonyms: Feat.

Example sentence: “That song is so good it doesn’t need a feature.”

Feature in songs:

Feature money out the safe, went and bought a Wraith, brought it down Collins” – Tory Lanez, Litty.

“Get her nails done, still charge for the feature” – 42 Dugg, Grace.

“If you want a feature, get your money right and pay me” – Lil Tjay, 20/20.

“I went from rags to riches to a feature with Tip” – Young Thug, About The Money.

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