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Fab (nickname)

Type: noun, slang, nickname

Pronunciation: /fahb/

What does Fab mean?

1. Fabulous.

2. Fabolous’ nickname.

Other Fabolous Nicknames: The Kid, Ghetto Fab, and F to da A-B

Fabolous real name: John David Jackson

Example sentence: “Fabolous also goes by Fab.”

Fab in songs:

“Meek called me and Fab, Joe called Jigga up She jumped in the 6, 550 wasn’t big enough Reason niggas die, they don’t know how to live enough They can tread water, but they can’t swim enough” – Jadakiss, All the Way Up (Remix).

Bitch I own swag, I’m a star like I’m in SAG I’m so fab like I’m in Sac, I tote that Tec and I hold that Mac” – Lil B, I Own Swag.

“$1000 jeans, call them Balmain (Yeah ho) Life is so ghetto fab, call me Paul Cain” – A$AP Rocky, Same Bitch.

The drop-top, they say it’s Ocean Drive-inspired So you can call a cab once your bitch fall for Fab” – Fabolous, You Ain’t Got Nuthin.

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