EZ wides

EZ wides (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /e-z-wides/

What does EZ wides mean?

Extra wide rolling paper for joints.

Example sentence: “We had a bunch of EZ wides.

EZ wides in songs:

“I knew a old lady, who swallowed St. Ides I don’t know why she swallowed St. Ides Some use the EZ wides, others strip the Phillie sheets I feel like Big Willie Watch my brothers get illy with the sweets” – Zev Love X, Sweet Premium Wine (Ruffs Rares).

“The homie to get everyone high, off real vibes Dutches and EZ wides by the bonfire” – Connor London, No No Pe (In Honor of Ty Cody Dzikiewicz).

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EZ wides
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EZ wides