Eye jammy


Eye jammy (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /eye-jam-e/

What does Eye jammy mean?

A punch to the eye; a black eye.

Example sentence: “The bouncer gave the kid an eye jammy for being obnoxious.”

Eye jammy in songs:

“Pockets stay swolled up like a eye jammy” – Big L, Give It To ’Em “L” (Original Mix).

“I can go to plan B and you can get an eye jammy” – Swayzak, Typical American.

“Hatches down? covering knots for eye jammy?” – Kool Keith, Travelling at the Speed of Thought.

“He definitely gets a eye jammy, word to Granny” – Phase’n’Rhythm, Swollen Pockets.

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