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Extendo (slang) Type: noun, slang Pronunciation: /ex-ten-doe/ Plural: Extendos What does Extendo mean? 1. An extended magazine clip for firearms. Extendo Synonyms: Banana clip 2. A long blunt stuffed with weed by sticking two blunt wraps together. Example sentence: “I haven’t smoked with you in a minute broski, we boutta roll an extendo.” Extendo in […]


Extort (verb) Type: verb Pronunciation: /ex-tort/ Related: Extortion, Extorted What does Extort mean? To get something from someone by applying force or violence, usually money. Extort Synonyms: Blackmail, Shakedown Example sentence: “Don’t try to extort my bro, he doesn’t play.” Extort in songs: “To the grave I deport them, corporations extort them” – Kendrick Lamar, […]


Extorted (noun) Type: noun Pronunciation: /ex-tort-ed/ Related: Extort, Extortion What does Extorted mean? To have had something taken because of force or violence. Example sentence: “The rappers got extorted when they came to the venue.” Extorted in songs: “I ain’t gonna’ tell nobody you getting extorted” – 50 Cent, Back Down. “I get on that […]


Extortion (noun) Type: noun Pronunciation: /ex-tortion/ Related: Extort, Extorted What does Extortion mean? The act of getting something from someone by applying force or violence, usually money. Example sentence: “They got arrested for extortion with the venue.” Extortion in songs: “Crime after crime, from drugs to extortion” – The Notorious B.I.G.,Suicidal Thoughts. “Swear they get […]


Extra (slang) Type: adverb, adjective, slang Pronunciation: /x-trah/ Related: Extras What does Extra mean? Excessive, over the top or doing too much. Extra Synonyms: Odee, Hella, Mad Example sentence: “Yo why are you screaming and being extra?” Extra in songs: “Or maybe die from pressin’ the line, actin’ too extra” – Kendrick Lamar, FEAR. “So, […]