Excursion (noun)

Type: noun

Pronunciation: /ex-cur-sion/

Plural: Excursions

What does Excursion mean?

1. A short trip or journey, typically for pleasure.

Excursion Synonyms: Vacation

2. A big truck.

Example sentence: “We have reached the end of our excursion.”

Excursion in songs:

“Just want some mouth and lip service And I got all my niggas in that truck like an Excursion” – Lil Wayne, Curtains.

“I’m bigger in person, whippinexcursion” – Stormzy, Sounds of the Skeng.

“The excursion, them seven seas, I drop her off at Turks” – Travis Scott, ESCAPE PLAN.

Whippinexcursion Oh shit, I’ve gotta pick up that person” – Giggs, Whippin’ Excursion.

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