Faneto (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /fah-ne-to/

What does Faneto mean?

To finesse; steal, maneuver, or do something in a sneaky manner.

Faneto Synonyms: Finesse, Jugg, Maneuver, Finagle

Example sentence: “I just had to faneto to come up.”

Faneto in songs:

“No, you can’t get no money, silly ho, I just hit a stain, faneto” – Chief Keef, Faneto.

“What they call it faneto? im finna hit a stain” – Lil Mouse, Flicka Da Wrist.

“Smeezy F Baby and the F is for Faneto” – Smino, Wild Irish Roses.

“Leave a stain no faneto then I dip with slime” – Sprite Lee, Grigio.

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