Dropping a dime

Dropping a dime (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /drop-in-a-dime/

Also spelled or known as: Droppin’ a dime

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What does Dropping a dime mean?

To be informing, snitching or telling on someone.

Dropping a dime Synonyms: Ratting, Snitching, Telling

Example sentence: “That girl was dropping a dime on her friend to her mom.”

Dropping a dime in songs:

“I get that money, never dropping a dime” – Lil Wayne, Get ’Em.

“Get caught, your homie like the bloods he dropping a dime” – 1TakeJay, Invite Only.

“And who am I? Without name-dropping it, I’m someone who saw the top and didn’t stop, he just climbed, someone who get money without dropping a dime” – Fabolous, Transformation

“They said that they goons get not full bodied they dropping a dime” – Meek Mill, Wins and Losses Freestyle with DJ Clue.

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Dropping a dime
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Dropping a dime