Double entendre

Double entendre (music)

Type: noun

Pronunciation: /double-on-tundra/

Plural: Double entendres

What does Double entendre mean?

A word or line that has two meanings.

Double entendre Synonyms: Chorus, Bridge

Example sentence: “Jay-Z usually has a double entendre in his songs.”

Double entendre in songs:

“Monster of the double entendreCoke is still my sponsor” – JAY-Z, Do U Wanna Ride.

Double entendre holdin’ your Aunt Sandra” – The Game, However Do You Want It.

“I be on my Istanbul, they cold turkey, Firstly, it’s the double entendre monster” – Joey Bada$$, RING THE ALARM.

Double entendre to the phrase test your mettle’ – DOOM, GMO.

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Double entendre
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Double entendre