Dick rider

Dick rider (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /dick-ride-er/

Also spelled or known as: Dick-rider, Dickrider

Related: Dickride, Dickriding

What does Dick rider mean?

Someone who overpraises, over appreciates, and/or copies a rapper or person.

Dick rider Synonyms: Jocker

Example sentence: “I can’t hang out with a Dick rider.”

Dick rider in songs:

“I just ain’t a dick rider, the widow’s peak Aim at your head when I kill the beat” – A$AP Ferg, Lifestyle.

Bread Winner, big driver Bitch,  you ain’t living like I’m living‚ you a dick rider” – Kevin Gates, Double Dutch.

“This that wife beater music, sell it while it wet rap You a dick rider and I never will respect that” – Gucci Mane, Pardon Me.

“You ain’t nothing but a copy writer Your favorite rhymer is a dick rider” – Wintertime, To the Bag.

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Dick rider
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Dick rider