Dick riding


Dick riding (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /dick-riding/

Also spelled or known as: Dick-riding, Dick riding, Dick ridin’, Dickridin’

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What does Dick riding mean?

To be overpraising, over appreciating, and/or copying a rapper or person.

Dick riding Synonyms: Jocking

Example sentence: “Every time he drops niggas always dick riding.”

Dick riding in songs:

“They doing too much dick riding, I ain’t with the switch-siding” – Don Q, Difference.

“Your opinion doesn’t matter That’s one thing I don’t give a fuck about Dick riding, ass kissing” – Young M.A, Walk.

“I should have a live band preparing for my show But instead everybody keeps dick riding my flow” – Big Boi, She Hates Me.

“Never be dick riding, if you’re going to be biting, you’re igniting the beast” – Tech N9ne, Sickology 101.

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Dick riding
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Dick riding
Dick riding