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Deuces (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /doos-is/

Related: Deuce

What does Deuces mean?

To throw up two (2) fingers like a peace sign signaling you’re leaving.

Deuces Synonyms: Dip, Slide

Example sentence: “I’ma see you tomorrow deuces.”

Deuces in songs:

“Chuck the deuces, chugging D’USSÉ, ugh” – Jay-Z, Part II (On the Run).

“It ain’t no coppindeuces, nigga, that’s your man, everybody get it, woah” – Lil Baby, Life Is Good (Remix).

Pimpin’ll never die, Chad Butler in Heaven chuckin’ deuces” Freddie Gibbs, Palmolive.

Sign pictures, buy an onion of good and throw the deuces” – T.I., 24’s.

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