Cracker (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /krack-ah/

Also spelled or known as: Cracka

Plural: Crackers

What does Cracker mean?

A derogatory word for a white person.

Cracker Synonyms: Cracka

Example sentence: “He called the police officer a cracker after he got arrested.”

Cracker in songs:

I’m that cracker, bend the law, fuck the rules” – Eminem, Lucky You.

“Please God watch her I know how niggas do, Half cracker but a nigga too” – J. Cole, Rich Niggaz.

“Go back in time to when my nigga daddy, Impregnated my cracker momma and stopped it” – Logic, AfricAryaN.

“You hated President Obama, I know that’s a fact, You couldn’t wait to get him out and put a cracker back” – Joyner Lucas,

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