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Crissy (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /cris-e/

What does Crissy mean?

Cristal champagne.

More alcohol: Henny, 1942, Bubbly, 1738, Thug Passion

Example sentence: “Happy Birthday broski, do you want 1942 or Crissy?”

Crissy in songs:

Hit the club every night, drunk, drinkin’ that Crissy” – Baby, #1 Stunna.

“Got me swingin’ Crissy and Hennessey bottles in the club” – Twista, Let’s Go.

“Sipping on that Crissy cause a nigga really ballin'” – A$AP Ferg, Fuck Out My Face.

“She tipsy off of that Crissy, my pimping never been friendly” – A$AP Rocky, Max Julien.

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