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Thug Passion

Thug Passion (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /thug-pashion/

Also spelled or known as: Thug-Passion

What does Thug Passion mean?

A mixed drink made up of Alizé and Cristal.

Example sentence: “Pour some Thug Passion in my cup please.”

Coined by: Tupac Shakur AKA 2Pac

Thug Passion in songs:

“Come get a blast of this thug passion, it’ll blow your mind” – 2Pac, International.

“And you ain’t never had thug passion, Girl, you ain’t never had thug passion” – Dom Kennedy, So Elastic.

“A cup of Thug Passion will make everything right” – Nas, Dr. Knockboot.

Thug passion in a sippy cup, A 100 dollars worth of haze in a blunt, bitch” – Action Bronson, The Choreographer.

What does “Thug Passion” mean?
Thug Passion

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Thug Passion
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Thug Passion

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