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Convos (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /con-voes/

Singular: Convo

What does Convos mean?


Example sentence: “She wants to read all my convos.”

Convos in songs:

“I don’t like that; cellular convos getting left in the wrong ‘Cause I get so fucking mad when you don’t write back” – Tyler, The Creator, IFHY.

Yeah, I have real convos with killers, I’m grinning with them Murder’s a subject you boys ain’t familiar with” – Young Adz, Outside.

“After a few drinks come our realest convos My handle on my thoughts used to be as ill as Rondo’s” – J. Cole, The Cure.

Tec chop like lawn mowers (Bang bang) Feds listening, shit, short convos” – Chief Keef, I Don’t Know Dem.

“He was doing shows, bad hoes up in Tahoe I was speaking Spanish with the plug havin’ convos” – Kevin Gates, Pourin the Syrup.

“I wish you was with me sitting in this benz Now when we talk the convos be in lingo cause you in the feds” – A Boogie wit da Hoodie, 3 Min Convo.

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