Ghost riding


Ghost riding (slang)

Type: phrases, slang

Pronunciation: /gost-ryd-in/

Also spelled or known as: Ghostriding, Ghost ridin’, Ghostridin’

Related: Ghost ride the whip, Ghost ride

What does Ghost riding mean?

To put a car in neutral and start walking or dancing next to it as it rolls like a “ghost” is driving.

Ghost riding synonyms: Ghost ride the whip

Example sentence: “We were having fun ghost riding in the parking lot.”

Ghost riding in songs:

“She do it with no hands and I be ghost whippin’, Oops I think I meant ghost riding” – West West Cuh, Thug Life.

“Parallel park while I’m ghost riding, Black diamonds man I’m racial profiling” – 2 Chainz, They Point.

“But if I kill you while your driving you’ll be ghost riding your whip” – King Los, A Milli (Remix).

“I’m ghost riding a Bentley nigga” – Crooked I, Hood Politics.

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Ghost riding
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