BG (acronym)

Type: noun, acronym

Pronunciation: /B-G/

Also spelled as: B.G.

Related: G, Gangsta, Gangster

What does BG mean and stand for?

Baby Gangsta or Baby Gangster.

Similar to BG: G

Example sentence:Lil bro right there a BG.”

BG in songs:

“Keep a hotboy with me, I got love for BG” – Lil Baby, We Paid.

“Considered a BG, but I’m off in this game something deeply” – E.D.I. Mean, Tradin War Stories.

“Choppas City nigga, free BG, Bentley with the doors all ’round, not a Jeep” – Birdman, Constantly Hating.

“I got stunners like Wayne, like BG” – Joyner Luca, Lotto.

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