Creps (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /crehps/

Singular: Crep

What does Creps mean?


Creps Synonyms: Sneakers, Sneaks, Zapatos

Example sentence: “I went over to her house no creps on.”

Creps in songs:

“This my house, don’t wear your creps on my carpet” – J Hus, Bouff Daddy.

“If you see me with a girl my chick be looking fly as well Louis V creps and the belt but the bag’s Chanel” – Aitch, Taste (Make It Shake).

“In the stereo I got Krept & Konan In the boot I got my creps and my Canon” – Jme, 96 Fuckries.

“Man still see me Can’t walk on my creps Man run when they see me Look at these skets” – Swift, Trapping Ain’t Dead.

“You’re not Al Capone, you’ll get boxed, They can take my car and my creps” – Stormzy, Big For Your Boots.

“Put their city on their back like me Creps on my feet, yeah, they’re white like Cons” – Stormzy, WickedSkengMan 4.

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