Wishy Washy

Wishy Washy (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /wish-e-wash-e/

Also spelled: Wishy-washy, Wishywashy

What does Wishy Washy mean?

1. Saying one thing and doing another.

2. Being unsure.

Wishy Washy Synonyms: Weak

Example sentence: “You being wishy washy, call me when you ready.”

Wishy Washy in songs:

Wishy washy shit you don’t acknowledge” – Kevin Gates, Had To.

“Girlfriend actin’ all wishy washy” – Childish Gambino, II. Worldstar.

“Her pussy water like it’s bath time, she wishy washy” – Quavo, F Cancer (Boosie).

“You know these hoes wishy washy” – Migos, Wishy Washy.

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Wishy Washy