Chin check

Chin check (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /chin-chek/

Also spelled or known as: Chin-check, Chincheck

Plural: Chin checks

What does Chin check mean?

A punch to the face.

Chin check Synonyms: Hit

Example sentence: “If you’re talking to me crazy, I’ll give you a chin check.”

Chin check in songs:

“We chin check niggas, them thin check niggas” – MC Ren, Hello.

“Checking for the kid, I had to chin check him” – Jack Harlow, SUNDOWN.

“Think I got ’em scared, shot ’em in the beard, That’s a chin check, I’m certified everywhere” – 21 Savage, Close Your Eyes.

Chin check with this TEC, make you hiccup, huh” – Juice WRLD, Evil Twins Freestyle.

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Chin check
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Chin check