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Chilltown (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /chill-town/

Also spelled or known as: Chill-town, Chill town

What does Chilltown mean?

Jersey City, New Jersey.

Example sentence:Chilltown had sopranos vibes.”

Chilltown in songs:

“Come rock a lil’ somethin’, know we’re all outta time so From Chilltown JC to Brooklyn with AD” – Treach, Everyday All Day.

“I reside in Chilltown but came from East New York From a time of bein broke to a life of luxury” – Human Mix Machine Wise, Took Place in East New York.

“Heather B be the one hollerin ‘Jersey!’ Chilltown up in this piece” – Heather B., No Doubt.

“Naughtyville, where ya at Can’t forget the brothers in Chilltown, J.C Oakstreet representin'” – Shaq, Newark to C.I..

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