Fake jacks

Fake jacks (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /fake-jacks/

Also spelled or known as: Fake-jacks, Fakejacks

Related: Faking jacks, Fakin’ jacks

What does Fake jacks mean?

To act like or claim you’re doing something you’re not or fake moves.

Fake jacks Synonyms: Front

Example sentence: “You always fake jacks on IG, you not bout it.”

Fake jacks in songs:

Fuck you losers, while you fake jacks I makes maneuvers” – Method Man, Got My Mind Made Up (Original Version).

“Me and black don’t fake jacks, but we might sling one It ain’t no shame in our game, we do our thing, son” – Kool G Rap, Fast Life.

“Inclined to rap about facts, I never fake jacks Shit is real like E packs, forty-fifty-sixes, trims and gimmicks” – Bahamadia, Push Up Ya Lighter.

Yo, ain’t no time for fakin’ jacks ‘Cause brothers that fake jacks get laid on they backs” – Havoc, Give Up the Goods (Just Step).

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Fake jacks
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Fake jacks