Burnt out


Burnt out (slang)

Type: adjective, slang

Pronunciation: /burr-urnt-out/

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What does Burnt out mean?

To be really tired or exhaused.

Burnt out Synonyms: Cooked, Stressed, Fed up

Example sentence: “5 flights this month, i’m burnt out.”

Burnt out in songs:

“Right before I did this, I was feeling burnt out Now the whole city ’bout to get burnt down” – Jack Harlow, Dark Knight.

“Granddaddy tried to help him but he burnt out” – A$AP Ferg, Let It Bang.

“You ain’t stunt his baby mama ’cause she burnt out” – 21 Savage, ​out for the night.

“I keep it lit till I’m burnt out, Could tell a chick bye look at how she turned out” – Joey Badass, Trap Door.

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Burnt out
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