Built different

Built different (slang)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /bilt-dif-rent/

Also spelled or known as: Built-different

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What does Built different mean?

A phrase meant to describe someone or something that is on another level.

Example sentence: “Ope Odumakin is built different.”

Built different in songs:

“God, I know I’m nothin’ like them I’m just different, I’m built different” – Polo G, Painting Pictures.

Bitch im built different Off a cup of that drank bitch I feel different” – AzChike, Strapped Up.

“I am built different, I’m not what you think I cannot lose, I’ll go out with a bang” – Joyner Lucas, Ramen & OJ.

“Sometimes I look back, and some shit I can’t believe But I keep moving, I’m built different” – Molly Brazy, Molly’s Story.

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Built different
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Built different