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Tramp stamp

Tramp stamp (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /tramp-stamp/

Also spelled or known as: Tramp-stamp, Trampstamp

What does Tramp stamp mean?

A tattoo below a woman’s lower back and right above her buttocks.

Example sentence: “The stripper had a cute tramp stamp.”

Tramp stamp in songs:

“She said can I come again, maybe girl another time Tramp stamp on her back, what is that a butterfly” – Kap G, My Girlfriend.

“You find a tramp stamp, and plant one off in her mandibles And open up a can on her and hope she’s a cannibal” – Krizz Kaliko, Down.

“Hands on you, baby, signature, my name, tramp stamp on you, baby” – Tory Lanez, Dance for Me.

“If you gonact like a pussy, you should get a tramp stamp Always looking for action, you are not Van Damme” – Khary, No One Knows.

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Tramp stamp
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Tramp stamp