Bout that life


Bout that life (phrase)

Type: phrase, slang

Pronunciation: /b-out-that-life/

Also spelled or known as: About that life, ‘Bout that life

Related: Bout

What does Bout that life mean?

A phrase used to describe being about the lifestyle or activity being discussed.

Bout that life Synonym: About that life

Example sentence: “I was tired of traveling but i’m still bout that life.

Bout that life in songs:

“Why do I gotta be alive I ain’t about that life I ain’t bout that life” – Yung Lean, Lightsaber // Saviour.

“Whoever fuck with me be smoked in the city You ready for war, you bout that life really” – T.I., Wit Me.

“I’m catching on contact, got racks Y’all niggas ain’t ’bout that, ‘bout that life!” – Meek Mill, Black Magic.

“And only time that we act, is when we act asses Nigga, we active So if you ‘bout that life, get out that casket” – Lil Wayne, Forever.

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Bout that life
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