City boy


City boy (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /sit-e-boy/

Also spelled or known as: City-boy

Plural: City boys

Related: City girl

What does City boy mean?

A man from the city who lives the city life.

City boy Synonyms: Thot

Example sentence: “I don’t really stay in the country, i’m a city boy.”

City boy in songs:

“yeah, my mouth is full of gold and I’m a city boy” – A$AP Rocky, Ghetto Symphony.

“I ain’t no city boy ’cause I love my bitch” – Pop Smoke, PTSD.

“Drivin’ round like a crash dummy,, Young city boy and i know it” – Kid Ink, Fashion.

“I don’t know the city boy I came up from the gritty” – bones, RestInPeace.

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