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Boo boo head

Boo boo head (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /boo-boo-head/

Also spelled or known as: Boo-boo head, Booboohead

What does Boo boo head mean?

A promiscuous and deceitful woman.

Boo boo head Synonyms: Treesha, Bop, Thot, Swoop, Skank, Slut, Hoe, Bird, Skeezer, Eater, Thottie, Busser, Ho, Bust Down, Jumpoff, Hoor, Treesh

Example sentence: “This boo boo head is tryna take me to dinner.”

Boo boo head in songs:

I’m fuckin on your boo boo head though I’m neat I chase the checks” – Seazer-McCall, Politics (Reup).

Boo boo head try to take over dread make me want to bop Bop bop up on their head, a lot of them I’ve regretted a lot of them” – Insolence, Lifted.

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Boo boo head
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Boo boo head