Catfish (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /cat-fish/

Also spelled or known as: Cat-fish, Cat fish

Related: Catfishing

What does Catfish mean?

Someone who fools, deceives, and manipulates people on social media by using a false or fake identity.

Example sentence: “That girl off Tinder was a catfish.”

Catfish in songs:

Block that account, it’s a catfish” – Skepta, Skepta Interlude.

“Rich nigga, still eatin’ catfish That bitch ain’t really bad, that’s a catfish” – Kanye West, THat Part.

“Shit’ll get ugly like a catfish” – Meek Mill, Millidelphia.

Catfish, he don’t really know who he fuckin’ with” = Polo G, Headshot.

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