Blackball (slang)

Type: verb, slang

Pronunciation: /blak-ball/

Also spelled: Black ball

Related: Blackballed, Blackballin’, Blackballer

What does Blackball mean?

To shun, exclude, or shut someone out from the industry.

Example sentence: “Some of my the realest rappers are blackballed.”

Blackball in songs:

‘Cause the same people that tried to blackball me, Forgot about two things, my black balls” – Kanye West, Gorgeous.

“You know radio already tried to blackball a bitch” – Nicki Minaj, Barbie Goin Bad.

LBC’s tryna blackball me” – Stormzy, First Things First.

“Then blackball laws of balance at all cost” – Andre 3000, Mamacita.

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