Beverage (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /bev-rage/

Plural: Beverages

What does Beverage mean?

Something you drink.

Beverage Synonyms: Refreshment

Example sentence: “I’m going to Whole Foods to get me a cold beverage.”

Beverage in songs:

“Pass the refreshments, a cool, cool beverage” – Kanye West, Clique.

“Bitch, I use a walkie-talkie just to get a beverage” – Drake, Trophies.

Shoulda stayed in food and beverage, Too much flossin’, too much Sam Rothstein” – Jay-Z, Lost One.

Fuck it, I’ll hire Geoffrey to get a beverage if you should ever get parched” – Chance the Rapper, You Song.

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