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Shoulda (slang)

Type: contraction, slang

Pronunciation: /shood-ah/

What does Shoulda mean?

Should have or Should’ve. Shoulda is short for Should have or Should’ve.

Similar to Shoulda: Woulda, Coulda, Boutta, Gonna, Finna, Gon

Example sentence: “I should’ve copped the benzy when i had a good deal.”

Shoulda in songs:

Shoulda got that insured, Geico for your money” – Kanye West, Gold Digger.

“On the real, you shoulda never lied, Shoulda saw the way she looked me in my eyes” – Lil Uzi Vert, XO TOUR Llif3.

“Been a king all my life so I shoulda got a Caesar” – Big Sean, All Your Fault.

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