Beside the point

Beside the point (phrase)

Type: phrase

Pronunciation: /b-side-the-point/

What does Beside the point mean?

Not important or not relevant.

Beside the point Synonyms: Irrelevant

Example sentence: “I was gonna sell the car but that’s beside the point right now.”

Beside the point in songs:

“His homie sold him out for the silver, It’s beside the point but it wasn’t even gold, bruh” – Mick Jenkins, Plugged.

“That’s beside the point like a shooting guard, I’m moving forward” – 2 Chainz, I’m Not Crazy, Life Is.

“Young Skizzles, taste the rainbow, But that’s so beside the point it’s sitting next to it” – Skizzy Mars, Colours (Stars).

“I wanted you while you were, With your guy but that beside the point” – Saba, Papaya.

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Beside the point
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Beside the point