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Benzi box

Benzi box (slang)

Type: noun, slang

Pronunciation: /ben-zee-box/

Also spelled or known as: Benzi-box, Benzibox, Bensi box

What does Benzi box mean?

A pull out radio.

Example sentence: “We put a benzi box in the old whip.”

Benzi box in songs:

“Turn the volume up and let the sounds flow Or pop a tape in your Benzi box And drive ten miles per hour through every block” – MC Lyte, Funky Song.

“Candy-apple Corvette, Benzi Box in effect And you know you get respect cause they’re breaking their necks To see your car” – Kool G Rap, Cars.

“You might see me, kick a free Get the tape in the Benzi box Up in club spots” – Lilscienz, Outside the Lounge.

“I seen a girl so fly, she caught my eye With her Benzi box kickin a song, give it a try So she rolled down her tint with a look that said ‘come'” – Frukwan, Miami Bass.

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Benzi box
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Benzi box